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Who has the best Kosher Steak in NY?

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Who has the best Kosher Bagels in New York?

Who has the best Kosher Bagels in New York?

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We are searching for the top Bagel shop in NY! To do that we need your vote!

If we are missing anyone that needs to be on this list, please let us know in the comments and we will add them ASAP!

Also, for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the top bagel shop, let us know why you think their bagels are the best and what you recommend getting from there.

[Image courtesy of @Gartenberg on Twitpic]

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Shabazille opening up in Brooklyn – Free tasting this Sunday!

Shabazille, a new dairy/sushi spot is having their grand opening in Brooklyn.  They are going to be under the Supervision of Rabbi David Navarro (has anyone ever heard of him?)  They are still finalizing their hours/menu so we will update this once we know more.

The best news about this? To celebrate they are having a free tasting this Sunday at 7:00pm!

The owners say they are new to the restaurant business so lets help them out!

UPDATE: Please see comments below in regards to the hechsher of Rabbi David Navarro.

1827 Coney Island Avenue (Between O and N)
Brooklyn, NY 11230 map
On Twitter @Shabazille

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Quick Stop Kosher Cart found on Park Avenue South!

Funny thing happened on the way to work today.  I took a different route than my normal one in order to get a haircut, when he was too busy I left and stumbled upon this amazing kosher cart parked at the northwest corner of 23rd and Park Avenue!  Quick Stop Kosher‘s menu ranges from a full line of breakfast sandwiches (eggs, bagels, omelettes) to coffees, falafels (he says it is Moshes Falafel, his cart seems to have dissapeared so many this is the replacement?), salads, french fries and something new, WAFFLES!  QSK is certified kosher by Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Schreiber – The Presburger Hechsher (first time I heard about this hechsher, if anyone has any info about them please let us know).  Their food looks amazing!  Everyone in the area be sure to check him out and support them so they stay in the neighborhood!  We need a kosher joint in Flatiron/Gramercy!

PS. From the looks of their Facebook page they seem to move around the city quite a bit so be sure to follow them there to see where they are going to be!

Quick Stop Kosher
New York City (Mobile)

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Do you eat at vegan/vegetarian places?

There are many levels of observancy in kashrut that we in the Jewish community have in regards to food.  We are curious as to which one of you Orthodoxian Jews eat strictly Glatt Kosher however you eat at non-glatt kosher places.  Do you eat at some places and not others?  Do you eat vegan but not vegetarian?  Will you eat at a vegan place without a hescher but not at a kosher (non-glatt) place like 2nd Avenue Deli?  How about the other way around? There are many possibilities so I won’t list them all!  Let us know in the comments what you do and why you do it!

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