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Shalom Bombay to re-open on Thursday

Shalom Bombay has said that they plan on opening back up their midtown location on Thursday.

What is with all the shutdowns lately?  With Rosa’s pizza getting closed today and Shalom Bombay being shutdown last week, has New York City decided to crack down on kosher restaurants in NYC?

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Rosa’s Pizza closed by the health department

Thanks A Glatt has received news that Rosa’s Pizza (my favorite Kosher Pizzeria in New York, to which I actually had lunch there on Monday) has been closed by the health department.  That’s gross! That’s two down in two weeks!

They plan on re-opening Friday the 18th, hopefully everything can be cleaned up by then!

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Shalom Bombay shutdown by health department

According to all our readers commenting on review of the restaurant, Shalom Bombay has been shut down by the health department!  What happened?  We loved the place!

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Rectangles now under Cup-K

Rectangles, the Yemenite restaurant on the UES is now under the supervision of Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg.

1431 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Disclaimer: Cup-K Restaurants are open on Shabbat.

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News Updates for the week

Holey Cream is no longer under supervision (they decided not to renew it).

Maoz to open the first (somewhat) kosher food joint in Hoboken.

Yogi’s Kitchen at 182 Lexington Avenue is now closed.

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Kosher Certification Pulled from Tel Aviv Restaurant in Great Neck

According to this story from Vos is Neias, VHQ certification has been pulled from Israeli-ish restaurant Tel Aviv in Great Neck.  After reading the article + comments the story looks like this.

  • Executive Chef Amos Hayan bought the restaurant via monthly payments.  If he left before full payment, ownership would revert back to the original owner, which is Michael Ginor.
  • Michael Ginor also owns a non-kosher restaurant in Great Neck – Lola.
  • Hayan left.
  • The day after, the Va’ad Harabonim of Queens pulled the certification.  Reasons for this appear to be that they do not allow someone to own a kosher and non-kosher restaurant in the same town.  Reasons being for one that it is too easy tempting to cheat their kashrut.
  • Although according to Ginor, they are still following kosher laws, they still do not have certification.

We will keep you updated if we hear any, well, updates.   It would be a shame to lose this restaurant, their patatas bravas were my favorite!

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New York City to start grading restaurants like Los Angeles!

Did you hear that Kosher world?  New York City has announced today that they will begin grading restaurants similar to how they do it in Los Angeles.  Restaurants with 0 to 13 “violation points” will receive an A.  Scores of 14 to 27 points are a B, and 28 or more results in a C.  The Department hopes the new rating system will save time. Restaurants with A grades will be inspected yearly, while those with Bs will be every 5 to 7 months and those with Cs every 3 to 5 months.  Restaurants can appeal grades, too, and receive a “Grade Pending” sign to post in lieu of the contested letter until a re-inspection is conducted one month later.

They expect most restaurants to receive a B but we think the average will be much lower in the Kosher world.  Numerous restaurants have been shut down before because of rats cleanliness, hopefully this will cause them to clean up their act! Or at least hide things under the counters better!

How do you think this will effect the industry?  Do you know of any restaurants that deserve an F?

[via NBC New York, thanks Sali]

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