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Shabazille opening up in Brooklyn – Free tasting this Sunday!

Shabazille, a new dairy/sushi spot is having their grand opening in Brooklyn.  They are going to be under the Supervision of Rabbi David Navarro (has anyone ever heard of him?)  They are still finalizing their hours/menu so we will update this once we know more.

The best news about this? To celebrate they are having a free tasting this Sunday at 7:00pm!

The owners say they are new to the restaurant business so lets help them out!

UPDATE: Please see comments below in regards to the hechsher of Rabbi David Navarro.

1827 Coney Island Avenue (Between O and N)
Brooklyn, NY 11230 map
On Twitter @Shabazille

Popularity: 5% [?]

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  • Milhouse

    Rabbi David Navarro is, by definition, only one guy, and not “these guys”. At Pita Off the Corner there’s a letter on display from R Reuven Feinstein, certifying that R Navarro is a trustworthy person, whose hechsher can be relied on; effectively a hechsher on the hechsher! I’ve never seen that before.

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  • musicluver

    Just because he’s trustworthy doesn’t necessarily mean he knows enough about the complexities on dealing with issues of Kashrus. I was once at Weiss’s Dairy Restaurant for a sheva berachos before they closed down. Our family didn’t eat there because they were found several times to be uncareful in certain areas of kashrus. Rabbi Reuven Feinstein was there and ate there as well. We did not. My Rav told me that just becaus he ate there is no proof that the hechsher is fine.

  • musicluver

    …Especially when Rav Reuven Feinstein himself never got involved in Kashurus