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Shalom Bombay to open a location in Murray Hill

We just received word from David Gruber, a partner from Shalom Bombay in Teaneck that they will be opening their first New York City location at 39th and Lexington on Sunday, April 11th.  This news coming a week after Dakshin II was titled as being the only Kosher Indian restaurant in NYC! Sorry that their reign did not last long however we here at Thanks a Glatt! love competition!

Shalom Bombay’s NYC location will feature a more upscale ambiance than their Teaneck counterpart.  Their menu will remain predominately the same however they will have more lunch and take-out specials (available to order via Seamless Web as well).  They will also be open on Fridays and will be under the Orthodox Union hechsher.

This might be my new favorite place to order from since I work semi-close to the neighborhood!

The best news though is that David mentioned that the first 50 people to email will be invited to an exclusive free tasting on April 8th!

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  • Jacob Maslow

    I like the dual hechsher. OU and free. I am so going to visit them and get my money's worth.

  • Josh Cohn

    I've personally had both Dakshin II and the Teaneck Shalom Bombay and the latter was no match at all for Dakshin. If you were to square the two restaurants' entrees in a figurative “beauty pageant,” Dakshin II would be Miss Universe and Shalom Bombay the bitter girl who was ousted in the first round. Confusing metaphors aside, Dakshin II's food actually had flavor. Like real masala, I-have-never-used-these-taste-buds-before flavor. Shalom Bombay's tandoori chicken was extremely dry and bony; Dakhin's succulent and having used the best meat. Shalom's bangain (eggplant) left a foul taste in my mouth; Dakshin's was sweet and tangy and deliciously refreshing. It is no contest. I urge you to step out of your familiarity and give Dakshin II a try. I'll be spending so much time in that place, you'll probably even see me there.

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  • SonuN

    Went to Shalom Bombay today to eat dinner, but it was CLOSED by the HEALTH DEPARTMENT!!! I do not know what happened, but after seeing other restaurants being closed by the health department it is recommended that you do not go there again.


  • Milhouse

    They’ll be open again by the end of this week.

  • SonuN

    Sure, but will I be going there again? Definitely not, and I hope you do not as well! They had live cockroaches and mice roaming around!

  • shalombombay

    I understand your concerns about safety. Please let me assure you that we took care of all of the violations and we got a clean bill of health from the dept.
    We have made improvements to ensure that this won’t happen again. We hope we can win back your trust as we are committed to the highest standards of quality for our customers.