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Cafe Muscat

cafe muscat

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In an effort to be more social since life seems to be moving faster than ever,  I have decided to go out more with old friends and family.  The first place I started with was last night at Cafe Muscat a Kosher Dairy restaurant in Flushing Meadows (Queens) New York.

Saturday nights at Cafe Muscat always seem like a mistake however our options for Kosher dairy are limited.  When we arrived there we weren’t surprised.  We had the choice of waiting at the door while hovering over peoples tables or just sitting in the car so we chose the ladder.  About 30 minutes later they finally had a table for us.  You should have seen the look on the other peoples faces when we walked right in and got a table!

Cafe Muscat decor wise is nice – nothing special but still clean and fairly new.  Their seating capacity is small but I think people feel better when a place is “crowded”.  If you have a crowd larger than 4 expect to wait during their busy hours.

The menu is typical of a dairy restaurant, which all somehow seem to serve sushi/sandwiches/and pasta.

The ladies got lemonadas which are quite refreshing, it’s an israeli drink that is blended lemon, mint, and ice.  While they have pasta most of us ordered the Greek Panini.  It tasted great but had a little too much feta in it.  The portions were large.  Another person in our party ordered the Greek Salad which was also quite large and fresh which is always important when eating vegetables.  We also got a “fire roll” which was excellent – I would definitely recommend getting the sushi there their specialty rolls are great.

As for service – it was normal for any Kosher restaurant – especially when the employees are Israeli.  They don’t really care about you, they don’t openly fill up your water when it’s empty like non-kosher restaurants do… pretty much you have to have no expectations and be happy when they do anything other normal waiters and waitresses do.  The best part of the night was when we got the check and someone in our group said “I always look at the bills to make sure they don’t charge us anything”.  He gave it a fake glance and gave it to me.  Immediately I noticed a “nachos” on the bill that we hadn’t ordered.  Was it put there on purpose since we were a large group or was it an honest mistake?  We will never know, but we got it deducted off the bill!

Overall the experience was normal for a kosher restaurant, we will probably end up there on more Saturday nights to come.

Price: $$
Cafe Muscat
178-07 Union Turnpike
Flushing Meadows, Queens 11366
Sun – Thu 9:00am – 12midnight
Fri 9:00am – 3 hours before Sabbath
Sat 2 hrs. after Sabbath – 2:00am

Popularity: 2% [?]

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