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Dakshin II – The Review (hey, that rhymed!)

Rating (out of 5):

QUICK REVIEW: I was up at 57th and Lexington today when I realized I was hungry and it was time for lunch.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is much to eat in this area (can someone please open up a pizzeria).  Fortunately for me however – I am the editor of the #1 online Kosher restaurant blog so finding somewhere was not that big an issue.  The smart people we were, in the 95+ degree weather we decided to take our wallets to the kosher offerings of Dakshin II’s Indian Buffet.   There is nothing more refreshing than spicy food on a hot August day (insert sarcasm mark here).  Being on 1st avenue is a bit out of the way for most of the people who work in this area, so I will assume they have a better crowd for dinner.

The Buffet

When you walk in the first thing you see is the buffet table stocked full of, yep, you guessed it – Indian cuisine.  The decor is typical for an Indian Buffet.  Hopefully Shalom Bombay will make their place nicer (if they ever open).  The lunch buffet is $9.95 and they do not take credit cards for orders under $25.   Quick thought before I forget: they didn’t have extra plates when I went back for seconds or thirds (isn’t this a buffet rule?) or even fourths.


If you love sauces like me, you will appreciate the ones they had.  Although the presentation could be better their selection was good.  The yogurt sauce with naan was so good I couldn’t believe it was parve.  For the main course, the chicken masala and baghare baingan were my favorite.  Spiced just right they went great when scooped up with some naan.  Unfortunately all of the pictures I took of the main dishes came out bad, I will have to go back and take a pic of them for you guys another time.  A few more pics though for your enjoyment and consideration.

Rice and Chicken Tandoori

The chicken looked REALLY spicy (it wasn’t).  Still good however.

Fruit Salad

Wikipedia defines a salad as having a mixture of fruits.  While this one only contained cantaloupe I will take their word for it that it was in fact a salad.

Overall it was ok,  if you are in the mood for Glatt Kosher Indian food and are in the area then you should definitely check them out.

Dakshin Indian Bistro
1713 First Avenue (between 63 and 64 street)
New York, NY 10028

Popularity: 2% [?]

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  • Milhouse

    Chicken marsala?! I’m pretty sure you mean masala.

  • Samir

    Updated, thanks! I wrote that soon after eating and I was in a food-coma.

  • SonuN

    I’ve been to both Shalom Bombay and Dakshin, and by far Dakshin is the winner. I do not know how you gave Dakshin only 2.5, while you gave Shalom 4.5? (Maybe they paid you?). I’m being serious here the food at Dakshin is mouth watering whenever you think about it. Shalom Bombay’s food does not even taste authentic! I’ve definately recommended Dakshin to everyone over Shalom Bombay. Can’t wait to go back to Dakshin!

  • Samir

    The buffet was so un-organized and messy when we went for the lunch buffet. There weren’t that many options and everything just tasted the same – spicy. Maybe they have gotten better by now? I will check them out again in the near future and update this post if need be.

  • SonuN

    Hey Samir, I don’t mean to be rude or anything. I definitely appreciate your reviews for all restaurants and they’ve helped me a lot. But your contradicting yourself here. You state in your previous comment that the food is ‘spicy’ but in your review it says that, “The chicken looked REALLY spicy (it wasn’t).” I really do hope you get to go again, this time during dinner hours. I do recommend you calling ahead for a reservation. I had to wait an hour once and it wasn’t fun! It’s become my families favorite weekend restaurant. Please do let me know how it is.

  • foodie

    It’s nice to have a review of the buffet, but perhaps it might be good to do do a review of their regular menu. Personally, I thought that most of their food was U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E. a few items were not quite up to par. However, doing a review of just the buffet gives a limited picture of this restaurant.