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Roya Kosher Pizza

Roya Kosher Pizza

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In continuation of my boycott of La Pizzeria (horrible service, overpriced menu, sub-par food), I decided to grab a quick bite to eat tonight at Roya Kosher Pizza in Great Neck.  This hole in the wall pizzeria somehow continues to survive however anyone’s guess as to how is still a mystery.  With the except of Saturday Night and after Yom Tov’s (when they are smart enough to open) this place is usually pretty dead.  Being tucked in the back of an outdated shopping center doesn’t help their case either.

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Roya Kosher Pizza

The service is always slow.  The guy pictured above (he looks like Ray Romano) somehow happens to always be there also, either by himself or on the rare occasion he has some help.  Tonight he was alone.  There were two people in front of us and we still stood there for about ten minutes while he scrambled around to complete their orders before taking ours.

The place is pretty dirty (see gallery at the end) and could use some new paint, a floor polishing, and to have the guy from hoarders come and trash half the old crap they have around the store.

Roya Kosher Pizza

The pizza ($2 a slice) from here is hit or miss.  Depending on what time of day you come and which day of the week will determine it’s age.  Tonight we were lucky.  When he first said the slice didn’t need to be heated up I was reluctant to take it however it was the perfect temperature and came out quite good.  The dough has just the right thickness and has that almost laffa-e kind of taste.  The sauce is OK.  Not too powering but tomato enough.  The only thing lacking is the cheese.  It didn’t really have any flavor but I have come to realize this is the standard for Kosher Mozz.

Roya Kosher Pizza

The best thing to get at Roya’s isn’t the Pizza though.  It’s the Veggie burger.  I am not sure what it’s made of (maybe mushrooms?) but it’s the closest thing to meat in a veggie burger that I have seen.  Often times when you get a burger you feel like you are eating a potato and corn sandwich but these are far from that.  It’s the best veggie burger I have ever had and I highly recommend them.  The $4 price tag also makes it amazing.  They put a whole slice of tomato and onion on it and it comes out so juicy after eating it it leaves you wanting another more.

We asked for falafel tonight but they didn’t have any so I can’t tell you how it was however I have had the spicy fries here before and they are also good if you want a side to go with your meal.

The mozzarella sticks are kind of weird here (they look like corn dogs but with cheese inside them instead of meat) but they taste alright.

Overall a nice cheap meal if you are in Great Neck and don’t want to take a mortgage out just to have some pizza (La Pizzeria I am talking about you).

I definitely recommend this place if you are in the neighborhood!  Check out the full picture gallery below!

Price: $

Roya Kosher Pizza
770 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11024

Roya Kosher Pizza

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