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We now have a Hashgacha Directory!

Ever wonder what that Hashgacha was in your favorite restaurant?

As promised last week, we now have a Hashgacha directory that lists all the Hashgacha’s, their symbol, stringency as well as their website! We will add more to the list as they come along!

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Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg of Vaad Harabonim Lemeshmeret Hakashrut

I get a lot of searches recently looking for more information on him and his kosherness/validity.  Does anyone have more information?  PLEASE share in the comments what you know as well as which restaurants he is supervising and I will compile a list of everything and post it soon.

I read here that he allows restaurants to be open on Shabbat which is a no-no for the Frum community.  His reasoning is that it gives Jews (non-orthodox, obviously) the choice to eat somewhere that is at least kosher instead of going elsewhere.  I can see how this may be a semi-OK excuse for somewhere outside of NY but in NYC there are many kosher and non kosher places and this is a pretty lame excuse.

As far as I can find he is the overseeing Rabbi at

  • Little Lads
  • Chickpea (6th Ave & 14th Street locations)

Like I said please drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you know so we can get to the bottom of this!

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