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Who has the best Kosher Steak in NY?

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Do you eat at vegan/vegetarian places?

There are many levels of observancy in kashrut that we in the Jewish community have in regards to food.  We are curious as to which one of you Orthodoxian Jews eat strictly Glatt Kosher however you eat at non-glatt kosher places.  Do you eat at some places and not others?  Do you eat vegan but not vegetarian?  Will you eat at a vegan place without a hescher but not at a kosher (non-glatt) place like 2nd Avenue Deli?  How about the other way around? There are many possibilities so I won’t list them all!  Let us know in the comments what you do and why you do it!

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Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg of Vaad Harabonim Lemeshmeret Hakashrut

I get a lot of searches recently looking for more information on him and his kosherness/validity.  Does anyone have more information?  PLEASE share in the comments what you know as well as which restaurants he is supervising and I will compile a list of everything and post it soon.

I read here that he allows restaurants to be open on Shabbat which is a no-no for the Frum community.  His reasoning is that it gives Jews (non-orthodox, obviously) the choice to eat somewhere that is at least kosher instead of going elsewhere.  I can see how this may be a semi-OK excuse for somewhere outside of NY but in NYC there are many kosher and non kosher places and this is a pretty lame excuse.

As far as I can find he is the overseeing Rabbi at

  • Little Lads
  • Chickpea (6th Ave & 14th Street locations)

Like I said please drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you know so we can get to the bottom of this!

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