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Red Mango on Fulton now under IKC supervision

Red Mango, located on Fulton Street is now under the supervision of the International Kosher Council. Can someone call Pinkberry and tell them they need to follow suit next?  Thanks!

Red Mango
111 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038

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“Good Fellas” to open in the Financial District

Kosher options are expanding for those who work and live in the Financial District. Koshertopia has learned that a new restaurant will open around Labor Day at 17 Trinity Place (at the old location of Essex on Coney). The new restaurant, Good Fellas will be supervised by the OU.  No word on what type of cuisine they will be serving but we won’t foggetaboutit and will update this when we know!

Good Fellas
17 Trinity Place
New York, NY 10006

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H&H Bagels to close today

Thanks A Glatt is sad to say that popular H&H Bagels on the upper west side will be closing today.  Although they will still be manufacturing bagels in midtown there no word as to if they will open up another retail location.

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Rosa’s Pizza closed by the health department

Thanks A Glatt has received news that Rosa’s Pizza (my favorite Kosher Pizzeria in New York, to which I actually had lunch there on Monday) has been closed by the health department.  That’s gross! That’s two down in two weeks!

They plan on re-opening Friday the 18th, hopefully everything can be cleaned up by then!

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Shalom Bombay shutdown by health department

According to all our readers commenting on review of the restaurant, Shalom Bombay has been shut down by the health department!  What happened?  We loved the place!

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Kosher snacks found at 7-Eleven!

I had the 4 o’clock munchies this afternoon so I decided to run to 7-Eleven at 23rd and Park to see if I could find anything to waste some calories on.  To my surprise the front display was stocked with Kosher Certified snacks! From croissants to pound cake to cookies they had a great selection of goods with certifications from OU and Kof-K.

Do us a favor and check out the 7-Eleven in your part of town and let us know if they have the Kosher goods also.  Yum!

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Follow your favorite Kosher restaurants on Twitter!

Love to tweet?  Love to eat? So do we!  To help you find your favorite kosher restaurants (it’s a great way to find deals!) we have compiled a list of all the kosher restaurants on Twitter!  If you know of any I am missing drop us a comment and I will add them.

PS. Add us on twitter while you are at it @thanksaglatt!

Check them out below!

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Cafe Muscat

cafe muscat

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In an effort to be more social since life seems to be moving faster than ever,  I have decided to go out more with old friends and family.  The first place I started with was last night at Cafe Muscat a Kosher Dairy restaurant in Flushing Meadows (Queens) New York.

Saturday nights at Cafe Muscat always seem like a mistake however our options for Kosher dairy are limited.  When we arrived there we weren’t surprised.  We had the choice of waiting at the door while hovering over peoples tables or just sitting in the car so we chose the ladder.  About 30 minutes later they finally had a table for us.  You should have seen the look on the other peoples faces when we walked right in and got a table!

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