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Sorry, but it’s about time someone says something about the napkins in NYC

This has been on my mind ever since I moved to New York City four and a half years ago and now I feel is the right time to get it off my plate (no pun intended)… why must so many New York area restaurants use those tiny napkins?  I like to call them crapkins since they are horrible.  You know the ones I am talking about, they are paper thin, 3 inches by 4 inches and have the power to clean at most one finger per use.

This rant opinion isn’t even meant to be directed at Kosher restaurants since I know it exists in many non-kosher restaurants (I think they are used 100% of the time in NY area pizzerias).  The first thought that comes to mind are that they may be the cheapest option for owners out there.  OK, but don’t they see that we just end up using 3 or 4 more times the napkins than of the kind of standard issue napkin you will get at any major US restaurant chain (and I can bet you they have done the math on napkin cost efficiencies), so it can’t be a cost savings.   Second thought are that they use these jenky ones because they think that people may be less inclined to steal them for their home supply.   This may be true to some extent but the kind of person who takes napkins for their home will take any kind they can get anyways.   If the napkins are good quality they may even return to the restaurant just for the napkins (I have done it before – The Prime Grill has great ones, you can soak up half an ocean with the absorbency in their napkins),  not to forget that a logo on the napkin is free advertising anyways.

I can’t think of any other reason as to why they use these crapkins, thoughts anyone? Please pass this on to anyone you know who owns a restaurant who may have an answer for us.

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