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New York City to start grading restaurants like Los Angeles!

Did you hear that Kosher world?  New York City has announced today that they will begin grading restaurants similar to how they do it in Los Angeles.  Restaurants with 0 to 13 “violation points” will receive an A.  Scores of 14 to 27 points are a B, and 28 or more results in a C.  The Department hopes the new rating system will save time. Restaurants with A grades will be inspected yearly, while those with Bs will be every 5 to 7 months and those with Cs every 3 to 5 months.  Restaurants can appeal grades, too, and receive a “Grade Pending” sign to post in lieu of the contested letter until a re-inspection is conducted one month later.

They expect most restaurants to receive a B but we think the average will be much lower in the Kosher world.  Numerous restaurants have been shut down before because of rats cleanliness, hopefully this will cause them to clean up their act! Or at least hide things under the counters better!

How do you think this will effect the industry?  Do you know of any restaurants that deserve an F?

[via NBC New York, thanks Sali]

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