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Shiraz restaurant opens up in Great Neck

Had a chance to check out the new Shiraz Restaurant (formerly Danny’s) tonight in Great Neck.  The renovations look great (we hope to see more kosher restaurants renovate their places as nice as this place) and the food is nice, tasty and authentic Persian style.  In addition to that they have a full menu that includes fresh sushi, steaks, Italian food and more. They did have some kinks that need to be fixing but that always happens at a new restaurant and we are sure they will have everything squared away shortly.

Shiraz Persian Cuisine
770 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11023


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Kosher Certification Pulled from Tel Aviv Restaurant in Great Neck

According to this story from Vos is Neias, VHQ certification has been pulled from Israeli-ish restaurant Tel Aviv in Great Neck.  After reading the article + comments the story looks like this.

  • Executive Chef Amos Hayan bought the restaurant via monthly payments.  If he left before full payment, ownership would revert back to the original owner, which is Michael Ginor.
  • Michael Ginor also owns a non-kosher restaurant in Great Neck – Lola.
  • Hayan left.
  • The day after, the Va’ad Harabonim of Queens pulled the certification.  Reasons for this appear to be that they do not allow someone to own a kosher and non-kosher restaurant in the same town.  Reasons being for one that it is too easy tempting to cheat their kashrut.
  • Although according to Ginor, they are still following kosher laws, they still do not have certification.

We will keep you updated if we hear any, well, updates.   It would be a shame to lose this restaurant, their patatas bravas were my favorite!

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